Change Happens, We’ll Help You Deal With It More Effectively

Businesses are built on their IT infrastructures and any form of migration brings potential disruption. Whether you’re migrating operating environments or data centres, our experts will help you plan and execute your migration seamlessly.

Smoothing the transition

The reality is that what worked in one space won’t necessary work in another. Resulting downtime carries substantial risk, impacting day-to-day business operations, reducing the bottom line and increasing overhead.

Fortunately, with the right expertise, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our in-house experts will help you plan and execute effective migration strategies right down to the last detail. We’ll help you move into new spaces while minimising the disruption to your business. And we’ll help you commission and decommission systems, protecting the integrity of your data and safeguarding your business.

So, whether you’re moving to a new data centre or new workplace, you’ll be in safe hands.

Our migration management services include:

  • Preparing a comprehensive IT migration plan detailing all activities and associated IT risks
  • Detailed co-ordination between IT and the fit out project to ensure design completeness and coordination
  • Scheduling all user desktop profiles to ensure all current IT services are identified and made available at the new building
  • Preparing floor plans linked to the technology schedule – linking final user and equipment locations
  • Working closely with all furniture contractors to ensure site readiness for IT migration
  • Working with the construction team to ensure everything is handed over on time and to the requisite quality and completeness
  • Project managing the migration plans and co-ordinating activities
  • Liaising with relocation contractors to ensure that all labelling, de-commissioning, crate packing, transportation, re-commissioning and unpacking are co-ordinated
  • Ensuring all server de-commissioning and re-commissioning activities are co-ordinated
  • Making sure IT systems are tested, witnessed and signed off in an orderly and satisfactory way
  • Ensuring all documentation and training is in place for handover

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