Higher performance, lower cost, reduced environmental impact

Today, buildings are no longer treated simply as dumb structures. Developers are increasingly looking at making them more intelligent and responsive to their occupiers. With the technology now available, we can help develop intelligent environments which deliver outstanding performance across all core systems improving efficiencies and reducing usage costs.

Put your building to work

Establishing the right systems makes it possible to understand and optimise everything happening inside your buildings.

They allow you to make informed decisions on how best to use the space you have available. And they enable you to reduce both lifecycle and financial costs, not to mention your impact on the environment.

A working business solution

Our consultants will work with you every step of the way, showing you how intelligent building systems can help you meet your wider business objectives. We’ll show you how different options can be combined into a seamlessly effective whole. And we’ll clearly demonstrate the benefits you can achieve.

As with all the services we offer, our consultants will work with you from idea to implementation, taking a hands-on approach with every phase of the strategy, design and implementation of your intelligent building solution.

Our intelligent building consulting services include:

  • Room booking / space management
  • Indoor positioning systems / wayfinding
  • Energy management / monitoring
  • Remote management / support
  • Smart cards / RFID / building access / smart metering
  • CAFM and estate management integration with IT and AV systems
  • BMS integration with IT and AV systems
  • Standardised building cabling and infrastructure systems

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