A proven methodology

We believe the essence of a technology project’s success lies in the clear, structured methodology that’s employed to carry it through from vision to implementation.

We use a phased methodology designed to align with The RIBA Plan of Work. It serves as a logical workflow to give the client and professional team the decision-making and authorisation milestones they need to manage and deliver. At the same time, our process is flexible, adaptable and hands on. What’s more, it’s an approach that can evolve seamlessly with the scope of work and project programme dates.

Our methodology is made up of seven core phases:

Strategy Definition and Emerging Technologies

We start by identifying the business case and strategic brief. We identify the optimum team and establish the project programme. We typically provide in-depth consultancy identifying key strategic drivers and objectives alongside evaluating new and emerging technologies.

Brief Development

We translate the outline strategy into a client / project brief defining the required quality, outcomes, sustainability and budgetary considerations, together with any constraints. The client / project brief provides the basis for all future project phases.

Concept Design

The brief is translated into a high level concept design and a series of outline specifications, including preliminary equipment layout drawings and detailed budgets in accordance with the design programme.

Detailed Design

In this phase, we translate the concept designs into fully detailed design specifications. This includes all hardware and software, AV & IT interfaces and architectural / M&E interfaces. We produce a complete set of detailed specifications, schematics, layout drawings, sections and elevations. These fully detail the design intent down to individual connector level ensuring there is no ambiguity in terms of overall system engineering and design prior to issuing the tenders.


Our designs are incorporated into highly detailed invitation to tender packages. These specify every conceivable aspect of the project requirements providing the client with an explicit document to issue to the marketplace. The level of detail ensures that each tender response is 100% compliant and can be evaluated on a like-for-like basis. We undertake all tender reviews and analysis and also attend any post-tender interviews to assist in the final decision making process.

Implementation Management

During the implementation phase we physically deliver the project within the strict confines of the budget, programme, risk and performance criteria. This includes hands-on supervision and implementation management during the on-site works which ensures that systems are correctly installed and configured to meet the precise requirements of the client.

Handover and Closeout

In this phase we implement our handover strategy, agreeing the information required for support, training, handover, asset management, future monitoring and maintenance as well as reviewing ‘as-built’ information.